Who knew how far boots and cats could take you?
Some people say its farting through microphone. I say it’s complete freedom of expression. I feel it, I think it, I do it. It is the universal language spoken through melodies. A magic trick full of auditory illusion. Heard by many, felt by all. From street corners to basements, for the rich and the poor. It is the far away boy, too poor to buy a trumpet but holds his hand like a mime as he sings away to his hearts content. I heard if the sun is in your eye’s and you tilt your head just the right way he might even resemble the late great Louis Armstrong. My soul being able to sing from its deepest corners. It is all this, and lets be honest, farting through a microphone.

This video is a great demonstration of the mechanics of beatboxing produced by TED Education. If you want to learn how to, or know more about, beatbox then this is a must watch. Featuring B.E.A.T founder and teacher’s!