Loop Station

In a time where Dj’s press play and the highest paid singers use computers to tune the one thing they are supposed to be able to perform with… I promise to bring the truth ~

Every sound you hear is produced by me. No tamperings, all skill from practice – raw emotions& feelings ~

And just like the last step over the edge
that wakes you just before you’re fast asleep,
you open your eyes;
you are awake;
you are thankful for
the fall.

Filmed and Edited By:
Andy Zou and Douglas Widick

This isn’t the final round but this is one of her rounds, she is the improv queen and beatrhyme champion and she kills it on the 505! Check it out!

My name is Kaila Mullady, I make slushies for a living,practice scientology and yes Tom Cruise is my birth father. This is my own version of “I will follow you into the dark” by Death Cab for Cutie. All sounds you hear are coming from me.
Filmed, edited and art work by my friend JFLO