North Coast is NYC premier hip hip improv team. We take a one word suggestion from the audience then create a show full of memorable characters, laughs and songs that will be sure to keep you up at night. Come see why we have been listed as Time out NY’s Top 10 Comedy Shows of 2014!

“Searching for a word to describe North Coast Improv. Wandering through excellent, outstanding, amazing, exquisite, delightful, wonderful, mesmerizing, whimsical, crafty, and justplaingoodwork. The word that sticks in my mind, as an Improviser of 34 years, is unique. Truly unique – one of a kind, not only as ensemble; unique in each performance, creating new standards for our wonderful art. Thank you.”

– Robert Lowe, Author of Improvisation, Inc.: Harnessing Spontaneity to Engage People and Groups

“I love North Coast, not only for their superior rhyme skills, but also their ridiculous senses of humor. They put on the type of show that you always remember seeing for the first time. And they’re so good that you’ll want to bring others to see them, making you look cool in the process.”

– Keith Huang, Artistic Director of The People’s Improv Theater (NYC)

“North Coast has been a crowd pleaser at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (NCCAF) for years.  I highly recommend North Coast as an interactive comedy program for presenters and Student Activity directors.”

–  Zach Ward, DSI Comedy Theater owner and NCCAF Executive Producer (North Carolina)

“Seeing this show will be a lot like seeing a full-length play. But instead of Romeo & Juliet, it’s Eminem & Nicki Minaj – and on top of their amazing rap skills, North Coast is incredibly funny. Comedy fans and hip-hop fans alike should check this out.”

– Maile Shoul, ImprovBoston Cast

“North Coast is consistently fun, delightful and surprising. They make improv and freestyle rapping look easy and effortless. For that, I am really jealous. Thanks, North Coast!”

– Megan Gray, Artistic Director of the Magnet Theater (NYC)

“North Coast is the best coast. I’ve seen them perform lots of times, and always want more. They bring a high-energy, smart, fun show that consistently manages to blow me away. I’m OBSESSED.”

– Siobhan Beasley, NYC Stand Up and self-proclaimed North Coast Superfan